SIS Mobilock smartlock

Go for green business mobility with our Lock Share System! A bike sharing system is extremely suitable when your company deals with working in shifts, home visits, inner city appointments, limited accessibility with public transport and / or limited parking spaces.

A Full-Service Platform

Hardware - SIS Mobilock
SIS Mobilock Hardware

With the SIS Mobilock smartlock system, it is finally possible to create unmanned, 24x7 bike sharing systems. This can be of any type, from rental to inter company mobility.

Customer APP - SIS Mobilock
Customer APP

Our Customer App will give your user the opportunity to open any smartlock that they claim for the period you want them to use it. This is the future of electronic locks.

Service APP - SIS Mobilock
Service APP

The Service App is part of the Asset Manager software. Using the Service App, your maintenance team can open any smartlock they need, without claiming or reservation.

With full back-end support

Asset Management - SIS Mobilock
Asset Management

This highly efficient cloud software gives you full control over your smartlocks and assets fleet(s). The software also provides an overview of assets that need operational attention and user management.

Integrate solution - SIS Mobilock
Full API for Backend

SIS Mobilock is not only focussed on a full-service platform, but also on integration and support for third-party systems. This means our system is for 95% or higher integratable using our high-end backend API.

Consultancy and development - SIS Mobilock

Every customer has its own specific needs and level of knowledge. Some companies have been running solutions like ours for a while or similar in different sectors. Others just start their business. Whatever your state is, we can help and support you define the best solution you need.

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With Mobilock, you can share any bike!

  • Icon - Fits every bike
    Fits every bike

    Mobilock designed to fit any bike on the market

  • Icon - Easy adaptation for needs
    Easy adaptation for needs

    10 business bikes for the office, or 1000 sharing bikes for the city. Mobilock adapts

  • Icon - Insurance ready safety
    Insurance ready safety

    ART-4 certified wheel smartlock that convinced every bike insurer so far

  • Icon - Keyless

    Download the Mobilock app and manage your bikes wirelessly

  • Icon - Scalable & Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) compliant
    Scalable & Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) compliant

    Quick, flexible response to market needs

  • Icon - Intuitive operation
    Intuitive operation

    Unlocking Mobilock through the app is as simple as locking it by sliding in the wheelpin

  • Icon - Management system
    Management system

    Simple dashboard for easy of use and quick integration to legacy systems

  • Icon - No need for docking stations
    No need for docking stations

    Use existing or dedicated “dumb” infrastructure to lock your bicycles

  • Icon - Connectivity / GPS Tracker
    Connectivity / GPS Tracker

    Always have the live location of your assets at all time

  • Icon - 100% proven technology
    100% proven technology

    Mobilock is a ready-to-go application