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Go for green business mobility with our Lock Share System! A bicycle sharing system is extremely suitable when your company deals with working in shifts, home visits, inner city appointments, limited accessibility with public transport and / or limited parking spaces.

Mobilock - Heavy duty lock ART-4 certified

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With Mobilock, you can share any bike!

  • Icon - Fits every bike
    Fits every bike

    Mobilock designed to fit any bike on the market

  • Icon - Easy adaptation for needs
    Easy adaptation for needs

    10 business bikes for the office, or 1000 sharing bikes for the city. Mobilock adapts

  • Icon - Insurance ready safety
    Insurance ready safety

    ART-4 certified wheel smartlock that convinced every bike insurer so far

  • Icon - Keyless

    Download the Mobilock app and manage your bikes wirelessly

  • Icon - Scalable & Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) compliant
    Scalable & Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) compliant

    Quick, flexible response to market needs

  • Icon - Intuitive operation
    Intuitive operation

    Unlocking Mobilock through the app is as simple as locking it by sliding in the wheelpin

  • Icon - Management system
    Management system

    Simple dashboard for easy of use and quick integration to legacy systems

  • Icon - No need for docking stations
    No need for docking stations

    Use existing or dedicated “dumb” infrastructure to lock your bicycles

  • Icon - Connectivity / GPS Tracker
    Connectivity / GPS Tracker

    Always have the live location of your assets at all time

  • Icon - 100% proven technology
    100% proven technology

    Mobilock is a ready-to-go application